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What We Offer

We offer state and board instructors who are licensed and commercially insured. Basic, intermediate, and advanced training. Additional information of training could be found in the Driver's Training section. We teach three types of driving in traffic: Highway, Expressway, and City. During the highway type, we teach how to properly space your vehicle while driving the highway. During the expressway type, we teach coming on and off the expressway, lane changing, and the use of your mirrors setting. During the city type, we teach turning and the proper spacing in traffic.  



About Tee's Driving School

Quote from T.

If you haven't been behind the wheel just yet, don't worry we pick you up and take you out! Door to door service is what we are all about!  



For testing, you would make an appointment and schedule your test. On the day of your test, we will pick you up in a late model vehicle in which you will take your test in.

Also, to help improve the US automotive and transportation system, we have added this free online useful resource. This link,, links you to the practice tests database DMV-Permit-Test and provides the best driver-related instructional resource online. DMV Permit Test is a free online resource that aspiring drivers can use to test and improve their driving knowledge. The database requires no registration and is also available in Spanish.

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